24 Credits for Life Annuity Health AND Property Casualty Multiple Lines Virginia CE -- Knock out your 24-hours requirement!

Life Annuity Health and Property &amp Casualty 24 Credits - No Proctor, No Exam
Life Annuity Health and Property & Casualty 24 Credits - No Proctor, No Exam
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Course Description

Combines four of our most popular courses -- Auto/Home Mastery, Long Term Care Partnerships Certification, Ethics and Social Security Mastery -- in a 24-credit package that fully meets your Virginia Life, Annuity and Health + Property and Casualty CE requirements. Your registration guarantees your spot in the online / OnDemand course, there's NO EXAM and NO PROCTOR required. With Financial Academy Online/OnDemand you can start the course at any time following registration confirmation and complete everything on your own schedule.

With Financial Academy online/OnDemand, it's the same presentation as our popular, fast-paced classroom courses but you set your own schedule and it always picks up where you left off. Simply complete all coursework to receive credit. Credits are filed for you after course completion is verified.

Either way, No Proctor and No Exam!

ETHICS 3-Hour Required OnDemand No Exam -- Approximately three hours, this popular, fast-paced course covers prohibited phrasing, unfair trade practices and suitability - A real eye-opener! SOCIAL SECURITY Mastery OnDemand No Exam -- Approximately five hours, this popular, fast-paced course covers the "original" federal health insurance program from its origins in the New Deal through present day. The federal law is broken down into easily understandable plain English.

LONG-TERM CARE PARTNERSHIPS CERTIFICATION Approximately eight hours, this popular, fast-paced course covers LTC and Partnership programs, Medicaid, improvements in LTC services and providers, alternatives to private LTC insurance, customer suitability guidelines and more. Meets Virginia requirements plus the new federal initial or ongoing training requirements for sales of LTC Partnership contracts.

P&C Auto/Home Mastery Approximately eight hours -- This popular, fast-paced course covers auto and dwelling/homeowner insurance from top to bottom with plenty of interesting case studies to help you master the Personal Lines products. Auto in the "morning session," and Dwelling/Homeowner in the afternoon.

Achieve SIX objectives with one three-day course!

1 -- Provides 24 non-insurer/non-agency CE credits to meet Virginia PC and LH requirements for your Personal Lines or Property and Casualty license and your Life, Annuity and Health license, or the corresponding consultant licenses.

2 -- Provides 3 required ETHICS CE credits.

3 -- Provides 8 hours under your Property and Casualty License

4 -- Provides 8 hours under your Life Annuity and Health License because the LTC Partnership credits count as LH credits.

5 -- Provides 8 hours of LTCP credits to satisfy the new federal requirement for initial (8-hr) or ongoing (4-hr) LTC Partnerships training. Get qualified or stay qualified for LTCP sales while you knock out your Virginia 24-hour CE requirements!

6 -- Provides 5 additional Laws and Regulations CE credits, which count the same as Ethics Credits. Remember, when you earn more than three Ethics/Laws credits, those excess credits are "wildcard" credits that can be applied to meet license-specific requirements for any license type. And if you take any other courses and end up with more than 24 credit-hours this biennium, your excess Ethics/Laws credits will be carried over to the next biennium.

This combination of credits fully meets your Virginia Property & Casualty and Life Annuity Health 24-hours CE requirements.

No Proctor and No Exam Required!

Your registration guarantees your spot in an OnDemand (your own schedule) course. Simply complete all coursework to receive credit. There is no requirement for a proctor or final exam.

Approved Courses 16-hr Required VA LH incl 3 ETHICS 8 LTCP OnDemand NO EXAM #223928 and 8-hr Auto/Home Mastery #223836.

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